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Teenage Relationship Roller Coaster

Relationships are one of the most difficult things to figure out as a teenager. Are they fun? Are they a terrible idea? Do they make you happy? Do they make you sad?

It makes me think, is it all really worth it right now?

Being in a relationship is... hard. Especially during high school.

As a highschooler, there is so much going on. So much change. Hormones are off the charts, we are trying so many new things, we want to act older and yet still yearn to be disciplined as if we were younger and didn't know better. And then there's the stress of highschool: your classes, friends, tests, essays, sports, getting scholarships for college. How in the world are we expected to fit intimate relationships in too?!

Yet, even with so much change, we teenagers still want a relationship. We want to know what it's like. 

And, to be honest, we kind of need the experience. 

Being in a relationship is like riding a rollerscoaster (I know, it's cliche) 

There's ups, and there's downs. You'll have your loopty-loops that make your stomach have butterflies, and there's the slow climbs to the top of the hills. But most importantly, there's always the end of the rollercoaster. Do you want to go again and stay with the same rollercoaster? Or did it not give you the thrill and fun you wanted, and want to try a different rollercoaster?

These rollercoasters change who we are. Even though we may go on to bigger and better ones that are much more fun now, we will always look back to our first rollercoaster. It may have been a small and easy-going rollercoaster, but it in the end, it was what started it all. 

Relationships, or rollercoasters, get us ready for the real world. They prepare us for what life is going to be like.

Even though we teenagers may not be ready for relationships, they certainly don't hurt us. Life is all about trial and error, and if we don't try, and fail, we will never learn.

For all those nay-sayers

So for all those nay-sayers out there who bash on teenage relationships... Be classy.

We may make bad decisions, but it's only part of our life. We are deciding who we want to become. And if people try to stop that, they are hurting us, and in a way, our future.

Don't feel the need to force yourself into a relationship...

If you don't want to. Don't force yourself into thinking you need a relationship to evolve into an adult. 

You don't.

A relationship is just an added appendage to the crazy and alien-like life of a teenager. It may be nice to have some experience with relationships, but it's not going to change your life if you don't have one in your schooling years.

 A little of topic there Pace...

Yes. I went off topic. Oops! :P

So, let's close this off and make it all make sense.

Relationships in high school do not make or break your life. But they are a nice look at what is to come in the future. They build experience with people. And it is a huge advantage in life to have somewhat decent people skills. 

For all those out there who disagree with teen relationships, please take a minute to think with yourself.  We are in a confused part of our lives right now. It's hard enough for us to understand ourselves, let alone adults. So, having a relatiopnship with someone your age that is going through the same stages of confusion is comforting. 

And that's all a teenage relationship is meant for really (though there are a few exceptions... shhhh). Comfort. Our hectic lives with all the changes inside and outside of our lives is so darn confusing. Rollercoasters may add to the confusion and commotion, but at the same time, that thrill of butterfleis in your stomach is life changing. And it makes life just a little more bearable. 

Do We Have It Too Easy?

In the digital age that we live in today, does it hurt us to be so omniscient? Are we knowing of all... too much? But then again... Isn't it so much better in our age, that we all know so much?

More importantly, are we taking the information we have, for granted?

I wanted to talk about the plethora of information that we humans have at the grasp of our fingertips, and what it all means to my generation, the people who are going to be running the world in just a couple of decades.

Information is all around us, and so many people expect to just have it, especially in my age group (16-18 years). We don't even have to work for this information. It's right there in our pockets, in our smartphones. Even without these small devices, there is an internet location at every school, library, and Starbucks. And many of these places all have computers that are free to access to our hearts desires.

Shouldn't this accomplishment be praised? How can it be thought of negatively?

These accomplishments that the human race has achieved is magnificent. Over 50 years ago, nobody would have thought that such technology that we have now could have existed. We are so complex; so technologically advanced. Because of this, humans think so highly of ourselves now, and with our technology, so many believe that information is supposed to be handed right to them on a silver platter.

This, is what is wrong. We take for granted what so many would have died for 50 years ago.

I'm not denying I don't take it for granted either. When I Google something, I don't think, 'I am so grateful to have this information so readily at my fingertips'. No, I'm too busy trying to prove that my friends are wrong and that the New York Giants did in fact, win Super Bowl XXI.

So, if we all take for granted the information that we have, why should we change? How do we change?

If we continue to expect information to be handed to us, we will lose everything that humanity has striven for in the last few thousands of years. We will eventually forget what it was like to actually work to find information.

This isn't to say drop the internet entirely. Or even to stop using it at all.

I wanted to bring this issue up because I want people to think about what they are actually doing. And how what they are doing, is a miracle. With a single Google search, you are receiving more information than any average library has, in less than one second.

We are so lucky to be in this digital age, with information so readily available. We can find anything we want, at any time. We just need to be a little more grateful about it.

So, next you type in something on Google, just stop. And think for a second, before you carry on your day, about how amazing our world is today.

5 Reasons to Start Running

Running is life-long decision that you will never regret. There is so much to gain from running, and very little to lose. It doesn't matter how fast you run, or how far, all that matters is the fact that you 
RUN. And once you get that runner's high, you will be addicted.

The hard part about running though, is actually starting to run, isn't it? To ease your mind on the best decision of your life, I have thrown together a list of 5 reasons to start running, and how you can start running today.

So, when I think of running, I think of five key reasons to start running. These five motivators are: 1. the thrill of running with friends and becoming more social by doing so, 2. running for your current and future health, 3. the fun that is had while running, 4. the fact that it's a life-long activity that you can participate in forever, and 5. you will become so much more relaxed in your day-to-day life. 

Running with friends

I'm sure if you think about it, you can think of one friend of yours that runs. Running with friends creates an entirely new bond of friendship. You get to know them better, and it is so much better than hanging out. You're actually doing something active!

Running with friends also adds a sort of competitiveness to the otherwise independent physical activity. Friends bring out the competitiveness in us, and in my opinion, there is nothing better than the feeling of adreniline pumping in your veins because you just can't lose to them.

Running for health

Running for health is probably the number one reason why people begin to run. And it's a good reason too. Running helps so many parts of your body, and in the end, you'll thank yourself for choosing to run rather than sitting on the couch.

It is all about the future anyway, and running will definitely promote better health for both the future and the present.

Running for fun!

Running is so much fun. Once you start going, and you're in the 'zone' there is nothing else that you want to do other than RUN. The task at hand may seem daunting in the beginning, but everytime I have looked back at any of my runs, there is not a run where I did not have fun. It just doesn't happen. No matter the discomfort I may have felt on a run, I never look back and think 'Oh that was a terrible run, I had no fun at all'.

I guarantee you, that even on your worst runs, you will always end up think the same thing: 'let's go again'.

Relaxing run...

I run to de-stress all of the time. Going on a relaxing run will calm all of my nerves, anger, and any other negative feelings I am having for the day. It is one of the best reasons to run if you aren't running for health or running for fun.

Running will calm your mind and make everything go away. It's just you, and the road ahead of you. For those few miles it's all you baby! 

I have even found myself figuring out my problems while I run, making running both a relaxer, and a problem-solver!

Two birds with one stone!

Running will follow you to the grave

I see so many runners out there that are over the age of 65 and still going strong. Heck, even my cross country coach is in his 50's and he still runs marathons at a competitive pace!

Age doesn't mean anything in the world of running. You are never too old, or young, to run. Running doesn't segregate, it doesn't have a prejudice. It wants you to get out there, be active, have fun, and conquer the challenges and goals you set out for yourself.

Need more reasons to start running?

No, you don't. Get out there and run. At least try. There is nothing that is going to stop you, and I guarantee you that once you start, you will never stop.

Running is so addictive, and there hundreds of 'reasons' to start running. But only one really matters... because you want to. And in the end, that's the only reason that's going to get you to start running.

Is Apple's Latest iOS Upadate Better?

Apple's latest iOS update, iOS 7, was just announced today at WWDC. This iOS software update brings a slew of features and and a complete redesign of the iOS interface. Nearly all of the blogs are praising Apple's iOS upgrade, calling it unique and mesmerizing. But is it really? Is iOS as great as it is mocked up to be?

Don't get me wrong, iOS 7 looks amazing. Far better than previous iOS versions. The problem is, is this iOS software update going to help keep the software moving forward, or is it going to slow it down?

The way I see it, Apple's latest iOS update is going to make its core audience confused. Apple's core audience aren't super technical like the people reading this blog are. No, their core audience consists of grandmas, grandpas, moms, dads. Their the core audience because it is a phone that they can use with ease. They can pick up an iPhone, as of right now, and use it and not get lost in the operating system.

I can't imagine my parents or grandparents being so 'at home' with iOS 7. The iOS upgrade brings an entire redesign. It's going to be new to them, they're going to have to relearn at least a little bit. And how are they going to do that on their own? It took my mom nearly a year to figure out she could set a contact ringtone. How is she going to figure out what to do when she accidentally opens up control center?

Now, I am not saying that this iOS software update is bad. It's not. I love it, and I think it is absolutely beautiful. But that isn't the point I am trying to make. Apple changed the look, and some of the feel of their user interface. And there is absolutely no way there is going to no back-lash on this huge design over hall. 

I see many frustrated iOS users this coming fall. The latest iOS update is going to cause some confusion with its core audience.

Cellairis Rapture - iPhone 5 Case Review

The iPhone 5 has a large variety of cases to choose from, and many claim that they have the 'best iPhone cases'. I've had my fair share of iPhone cases, and of all my cases, Cellairis has never let me down. This is especially true with the Cellairis Rapture Elite Case for iPhone 5. The Cellairis Rapture is an exquisite case that is ruggid, sleek, and pocketable; all at the same time.

The Cellairis Rapture is one of the best and cheapest Cellairis iPhone 5 case you can find on the market today. It will cost you anywhere between $30-$35 depending where you purchase, though I recommend purchasing it straight from the Cellairis store or website, just so you don't accidentally purchase any knock-offs. The Cellairis Rapture iPhone 5 case has a hard polycarbonate outer shell with a soft silicone inner skin to protect your iPhone 5 from practically any sort of drop. It is extremely easy to slide it in and out of pockets, and for those of you who use holsters for your iPhone, the Cellairis Rapture is compatible with the Cellairis Rapture Elite Holster. Also, this case is not just limited to the black with red accents that I have. It also comes is purple, black and gray, black and yellow, pink, and so many more.

This case is, in my opinion, one of the best iPhone cases you can find right now that is under $40. I have dropped my phone a few times in this case, one time on cement, and my phone hasn't been damaged at all, and neither has the case. It has the perfect ratio of protection-to-sleekness. The Cellairis Rapture fits in the hand perfectly, as it isn't too big and bulky like other heavy duty smartphone cases. Though it is on the cheaper side of heavy-duty cases, this case is certainly not cheap. Cellairis made sure that when you purchased this case for $35, the case felt like $35.

Two little details that I'd like to slip in for this iPhone 5 case review is, the case I have, which is the one with red and black accents, receives many questions from people. I have had several people ask me what case it was, where I got it, and what it's cost was. Secondly, the case goes in and out of the pocket with ease, as I've stated before. Though there is silicon lining, you won't notice it, and it definitely will not stick or gather lint like some other silicon cases.

The Cellairis Rapture Elite Case for iPhone 5 is an extraordinary case that everyone should at least consider looking at. There isn't one part of the case that is poor quality or looks cheap. You can press all your buttons (lock, volume rockers) with ease, and the case feels splendid in the hand. There's no other case in the Cellairis Rapture's price range that can transcend it. And if you are even the least bit clumsy with your phone, this case is for you. I give this case a rating of 10/10 'drops'.

Awesome Winterboard Themes - WhiteLine HD

There are many awesome Winterboard themes now for iOS. Some of these include Glaskart, Flaticons, and Circul8. Many of these themes on Winterboard aren't just limited to icon theming anymore. Now, several popular themes are creating their own UI to make iOS look entirely different. I have used themes listed above, and many more. Today though, I am using a theme that looks amazing, called WhiteLine HD. The theme blows all other themes out of the water with its simplistic looks, and customizability.

WhiteLine HD contains over 800 icons. It has many UI elements that make you iOS device look slick. The WhiteLine HD theme is developed by Xavier32, and is currently available on Cydia for $1.49; well worth the price.

WhiteLine HD is definitely one of the top themes for Winterboard because of its simplistic looks. The theme is based on a black and white color-scheme that is appeasing to the eye, and allows users to have pretty much any home screen wallpaper, as long as it isn't too bright.

WhiteLine HD UI App Switcher
WhiteLine HD's UI is also great, but not quite fully implemented everywhere. The UI elements that are implemented include the notification center, app switcher, charging battery, and folders. Still, even with a less robust UI than some other themes, WhiteLine HD still is a huge competitor as one of the top themes for Winterboard.

"Un-themed icons stick out"
There are some issues that I have found with WhiteLine HD. One of the most prominent being how un-themed icons stick out. If an icon isn't themed, it sticks out like a sore thumb and you are forced to hide the icon in a folder, delete it, or theme the icon yourself. Fortunately, it is extremely easy to theme your own icons for WhiteLine HD. And, for those of you who are concerned about some icons not being themed, you do not need to worry. Xavier32 is continuing to theme WhiteLine HD, and will produce several more updates in the coming weeks.

Some other key issues include: no custom lock screen, lack of some UI elements, a custom keyboard, and a custom status bar. All of these issues could be fixed with a simple update though, and aren't huge flaws in the theme that make it undesirable.

WhiteLine HD is one of the most awesome Winterboard themes available today. Xavier32 did a great job on this, and I am looking forward to future updates. If you're the kind of person who likes minimalism, this theme is for you.

Overall, the theme makes my phones aesthetically pleasing and I keep finding myself wanting to turn on my phone just so I can look at the theme. It really is beautiful.