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Teenage Relationship Roller Coaster

Relationships are one of the most difficult things to figure out as a teenager. Are they fun? Are they a terrible idea? Do they make you happy? Do they make you sad?

It makes me think, is it all really worth it right now?

Being in a relationship is... hard. Especially during high school.

As a highschooler, there is so much going on. So much change. Hormones are off the charts, we are trying so many new things, we want to act older and yet still yearn to be disciplined as if we were younger and didn't know better. And then there's the stress of highschool: your classes, friends, tests, essays, sports, getting scholarships for college. How in the world are we expected to fit intimate relationships in too?!

Yet, even with so much change, we teenagers still want a relationship. We want to know what it's like. 

And, to be honest, we kind of need the experience. 

Being in a relationship is like riding a rollerscoaster (I know, it's cliche) 

There's ups, and there's downs. You'll have your loopty-loops that make your stomach have butterflies, and there's the slow climbs to the top of the hills. But most importantly, there's always the end of the rollercoaster. Do you want to go again and stay with the same rollercoaster? Or did it not give you the thrill and fun you wanted, and want to try a different rollercoaster?

These rollercoasters change who we are. Even though we may go on to bigger and better ones that are much more fun now, we will always look back to our first rollercoaster. It may have been a small and easy-going rollercoaster, but it in the end, it was what started it all. 

Relationships, or rollercoasters, get us ready for the real world. They prepare us for what life is going to be like.

Even though we teenagers may not be ready for relationships, they certainly don't hurt us. Life is all about trial and error, and if we don't try, and fail, we will never learn.

For all those nay-sayers

So for all those nay-sayers out there who bash on teenage relationships... Be classy.

We may make bad decisions, but it's only part of our life. We are deciding who we want to become. And if people try to stop that, they are hurting us, and in a way, our future.

Don't feel the need to force yourself into a relationship...

If you don't want to. Don't force yourself into thinking you need a relationship to evolve into an adult. 

You don't.

A relationship is just an added appendage to the crazy and alien-like life of a teenager. It may be nice to have some experience with relationships, but it's not going to change your life if you don't have one in your schooling years.

 A little of topic there Pace...

Yes. I went off topic. Oops! :P

So, let's close this off and make it all make sense.

Relationships in high school do not make or break your life. But they are a nice look at what is to come in the future. They build experience with people. And it is a huge advantage in life to have somewhat decent people skills. 

For all those out there who disagree with teen relationships, please take a minute to think with yourself.  We are in a confused part of our lives right now. It's hard enough for us to understand ourselves, let alone adults. So, having a relatiopnship with someone your age that is going through the same stages of confusion is comforting. 

And that's all a teenage relationship is meant for really (though there are a few exceptions... shhhh). Comfort. Our hectic lives with all the changes inside and outside of our lives is so darn confusing. Rollercoasters may add to the confusion and commotion, but at the same time, that thrill of butterfleis in your stomach is life changing. And it makes life just a little more bearable. 


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